Empathetic Downsizingmade simple

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Pink Slip AI - Firing, Empathetically - Kindness in pink slips: as Empathy never goes out of style | Product Hunt

Departures, Effortlessly Managed


Ensure that every termination process is handled consistently and fairly, following the same empathetic guidelines employees would expect

Enhanced Employee Experience

Help ensure that employees feel respected and supported even as they leave the organization reducing churn for current employees

Reduce Emotional Stress

Deliver the news in a neutral and empathetic tone, which can help reduce the emotional stress for both the employee and the manager delivering the news

Firing on Autopilot

Personalized Offboarding

Based on the employee's role, tenure, and reason for departure. This plan can include tasks such as returning company property, knowledge transfer, and farewell activities.

Multiple Languages

We support many languages allow you to gently inform your employees you are moving on.


Ensure that the offboarding process complies with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including data privacy regulations and company policies.

Example responses from past employees that have received our service!